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6 Tips to Crushing Your Indiegogo Campaign Goals

Approximately 15 million people visit Indiegogo- a crowdfunding website- every month. We have the best tips for you if you’re interested in building your own Indiegogo campaign!

Currently, Indiegogo is home to users from 235 countries and territories — all of whom are looking for clever solutions to everyday problems. Entrepreneurs benefit from this platform by launching new and unconventional products for these curious humans. The platform currently hosts around 19,000 campaigns every month.

It’s worth noting that 47% of all Indiegogo campaigns that go beyond their goals are run by women. But although that’s an empowering idea, our focus here is how you can crush your Indiegogo campaign goals. Check out these six tips to get you there!

Tip 1: Always Start with Realistic Goals

The first and foremost thing you must understand before launching your Indiegogo campaign is managing expectations and starting with realistic goals. Set the minimum amount necessary to complete your project or start hitting ROI, including your fulfillment costs and Indiegogo platform fees. Starting with conservative goals gives you a higher chance of succeeding and exceeding your goals.

On a related note, you must only promise what you know your brand can deliver.

Don’t risk disappointing your backers by ensuring you can follow through with what you promised them. Review your product concept, production processes, and delivery methods before putting them on the online marketplace. A great example of setting such expectations is Lumen: Hack your metabolism & lose weight, which clearly stated upfront, the possibility of shipping delays — always be transparent with your backers.

Tip 2: Learn How to Get Your Audience’s Attention

Any successful marketing campaign has a few proven elements — appealing visual aids, catchy titles, relevant content, and the right platform. If you’re planning to launch an Indiegogo campaign, it would be wise to connect it with your website and verified social media accounts to let backers know you’re a credible brand.

Social media marketing is particularly important if you want to build a buzz around your Indiegogo campaign and keep people interested. With proper execution and a bit of luck, your social media strategy might increase your chance of going viral.

Tip 3: Maintain Constant Communication with Backers

When you launch your Indiegogo campaign, it is understood that products will have to go through concept finalization, prototype building, and actual production before they get shipped to your backers. Don’t let their hype and interest die down- keep them updated! Upload pictures, share news coverage, and interact with them on the platform!

And remember, constant communication helps you build a more credible and trustworthy reputation that more backers would be interested in.

Tip 4: Offer Appealing Rewards to Your Email List

What’s a crowdfunding campaign without a strong email list? Although Indiegogo gives you a perfect platform to launch your campaign, you also have to put effort into keeping your backers and customers engaged. This means building, sorting, and filtering your email list, then launching an email outreach program to keep them engaged.

Through these email marketing efforts, let your backers know that you’re offering exciting incentives and rewards as thanks for their support — gratitude goes a long way!

Tip 5: Set Up FAQs For Backers and Interested Parties

When you launch your Indiegogo campaign and it starts gaining traction, you can expect backers and other interested parties to have many questions for you, like what your innovative product is made with, how long the production is, and when the product will be delivered to them. Rather than answering them individually, you can save time and effort by setting up an FAQ section for everything you anticipate them to ask.

Tip 6: Consider Outsourcing Your Fulfillment

Finally, it’s important to acknowledge that all crowdfunding projects experience their share of picking, packing, and shipping challenges. In this case, you might want to outsource fulfillment services or use trending technologies to help you get your products to the backers as quickly as possible.

Key Takeaway

A strategic and meticulously planned Indiegogo campaign helps you launch your tech and design innovations to millions of people searching for new and unconventional solutions to everyday problems. Make sure it’s a success by setting a realistic goal, understanding your audience, maintaining communication channels, building a community, and being open to tools and technologies that could help you.

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