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Top 5 Ai Tools To Use When Launching Your Crowdfunding Campaign in 2023

As the world of technology continues to evolve, so does the way we use it to launch crowdfunding campaigns. In 2023, artificial intelligence (AI) tools will be essential for any crowdfunding campaign to be successful. AI tools can help you create a more effective campaign, reach a larger audience, and increase your chances of success.

It's important to remember that the Ai technology that I am recommending does not replace humans, it strengthens our skills and allows us to create quality content in a fraction of the time, so that we can maximize our efforts.

Here are the top 5 AI tools to use when launching your crowdfunding campaign in 2023.

This is image is produced by Ai and came free from the great new platform Stock Ai

Chat GPT 3

It certainly that Chat GPT 3 is the hot topic right now and every conversations around marketing, ecommerce and the digital space includes some ones take on this disruptive Ai tool. ChatGPT is an open-source chatbot framework based on the GPT-3 language model. It is designed to enable developers to quickly and easily create conversational AI chatbots. ChatGPT is built on top of the OpenAI GPT-3 language model and provides a simple API for developers to create custom chatbot applications.

For marketers launching crowdfunding campaigns or start up entrepreneurs, ChatGPT really helps build that foundational content from emails, social media posts, campaign updates, landing page text and more.

To level up the content (bonus ai tool), I suggest taking the text from ChatGPT and copying it in Grammarly premium to level up the tone and voice and expression of the text to better fit your brand.


This is personally of my favorite Ai tools that I recently came across, it makes presentations, just from a single prompt. has a free and paid version, I'm using the free one and it is more than enough in terms of making quick presentations, with literally a sentence or two prompt.

If you are someone that has to regularly pitch, meet clients, give webinars or just likes making presentations, Tome will truly transform your work efficiency, but also make you rethink how we create presentations or decks.

If you are in the marketing space then you know that you can't do marketing without creating killer videos and, often. allows you to create high-quality videos easily and with some amazing features. You can use ChatGPT to write the script for your video and then upload it to Veed to get voice to text, add subtitles, use their stock video footage and music and in literally, less than an hour, have explainer videos, new product videos or whatever you are looking to create for your marketing strategy or crowdfunding campaign.

While it is not fully Ai, there are a lot of Ai tools and it still is a fantastic and easy way to quickly turn out videos, especially when you are launching a crowdfunding campaign and budgets are tight.


For this Ai software, I would say it is primarily targeted to marketers, influencers or small start up company's that need to create marketing videos, branded videos and social video assets at scale. Pencil is still relatively new and not quite as well known, but does seamlessly create brand videos for ads or the social media channels, with ease and without having to go through the editing process or working with an editor. Again, there is a free version, but like the other mentioned Ai tools, the paid one will get you further along.

In the case of marketers or young start ups prepping to launch their crowdfunding campaign, this is an affordable tool to have to crank out branded ads and social posts, quickly and allow for a/b testing in the process.


This one is so addicting, MidJourney on Discord is mindblowing! If you have not yet had the chance to play around with the Ai image creators, I suggest starting here and if you have already been on Stable Diffusion or played around with Dall-e on OpenAi, again, you must experience MidJourney.

First of all, there are incredible layers and depths to the images that a person create and I honestly believe that this cannot replace humans, but only strengthen the possibilities of what is possible to create.

Second, to generate great images, it is a skill to learn how to do the image prompts, learn the codes and layering process. Invest the time to learn how to create the kick-ass images.

Third, this goes beyond creating images, I saw people creating landing pages with the assets, mobile app screens for new applications and marketing content for new products.

The possibilities are limitless, and you get a few rounds free of creating images and then you do need to subscribe to the paid monthly option. I am not affiliated in anyway here, but again, it's an incredibly affordable way to generate graphic assets that once were expensive and took a long to get.

Truthfully, I'm obsessed with all the Ai tools that are on the list and have incorporated them into my daily marketing content creation tool kit. Is there a tool that you use that I left off the list and think should also be mentioned?

It is only the start of the Ai revolution, yes, the term Ai and technology has been around for nearly a decade, but I would say that 2023 is the year that we're actually seeing all these tools become more accessible and mainstream for not just the techies, but really, everyone.

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